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After several unpleasant experiences with other dentists, I went on a quest to find a dentist who was not only a talented professional but a caring and considerate one as well. I came across Dr. Vahan Grigoryan by seeing this office on a list that accepted my insurance policies. I called several dental offices on the list but got the run around until I spoke with Ms. Alma Padilla. She gave me a complete assessment of our insurance coverages and made scheduling a breeze. It felt great to finally get an accurate picture of our costs and benefits, not just a line to get our business. The staff at Dr. Grigoryan's practice proved to be not only friendly but very skilled. They make even the scariest dental procedure easy. Even though we have to travel all the way from Palmdale, California, my whole family has chosen Dr. Grigoryan as our family dentist. We are so pleased to have finally found a quality dentist with a great staff, giving us expert care and workable scheduling. What a find!! We couldn't be happier. We highly recommend Dr. Grigoryan to anyone wanting a dentist and dental office you can trust.

The Rice Family, Palmdale, CA

I think this place is great. The people are so professional and friendly and I just love them all. Dr. Vahan is so gentle and so great at their dental work. I have had several emergencies and they have handled all of them just like that. I was looking very hard for a dentist when I came to California and it took a long time to find you and was very blessed to find you and will never leave you. Your teeth cleaning is also the very best. I would recommend Dr. Grigoryan to anyone and I brag about you to everyone.

Barbara L. O’Leary, Upland, CA


I am very happy with Dr. Vahan Grigoryan. He has been very good to me. I am very satisfied. The office staff is just great. I would recommend him to everyone. Thank you for all your help.

Linda Hukkanen, Upland, CA


I am happy to write about Dr. Grigoryan and his practice. I am a pain frick and have always been stressed out before going to a dentist. But after I found this office I feel very comfortable at my visits. I have never seen a dentist as gentle as Dr. Vahan Grigoryan and a dental staff as professional and prompt as the one here. I am also a person who always seeks details before making a decision, and Dr. Vahan Grigoryan has been great answering all my questions and explaining to me the recommended treatment leaving me the only job of making the educated decision. I am very thankful to Dr. Vahan Grigoryan and his staff for being so nice and helpful. I would strongly recommend Dr. Vahan Grigoryan to everyone!

Maria Telferjian, Rancho Cucamonga, CA


I have never written a review for a business before but felt compelled to review Dr. Vahan Grigoryan and his professional staff. I have had such a pleasantly, surprising, delightful experience. I know it seems those words could not possibly be in the same review as "dentist" but it has truly been a wonderful experience. The staff is great; warm, welcoming and friendly, from the front desk manager to the hygienist to the back room assistant. They are very concerned with your comfort and that you understand what they are doing and why. The Dentist is really the best ever, he is obviously a good dentist, but he is patient and caring. I have felt no pain, in 9 fillings, a deep cleaning and crown (as you can tell I have stayed away from dentists as long as I could due to bad experiences in the past). I was initially scheduled to come in 4 visits and have work done by sections but after the first visit I literally asked the Dr if he could do more right then... In the chair Dr Grigoryan constantly asks me how I am doing, by name, and is very gentle and thorough. Honest I felt no pain or discomfort. If you are one to have had negative experiences with dentistry in the past, the people of professionals here will change your mind! Actually deserves 10 stars... in my humble opinion.

Chelsea D., Upland, CA


If you need a gentle, attentive, and well educated dentist, who can handle your teeth problems and explain everything to his patients in a very insightful way, this is the place to go - Dr. Grigoryan. I drove 100 miles (round trip) twice for services provided by this dentist from the Grove Dental Group. I was referred to this doctor by one of his numerous patients and heard about services of this Group not only from people living in Rancho, but from La Canada, La Crescenta, Burbank, Sunland, and Hollywood. He did extraction/surgery of 4 wisdom teeth for my teenage (age 16) in an extremely professional and high quality manner, while none of those teeth were out yet, causing high pressure on other teeth and jaw. The patient and I are extremely satisfied with his services, despite of complexity of this operation. I strongly recommend Dr. Grigoryan. If you need an exceptional quality dentist with outstanding customer service and courtesy, this is the place to go. As a customer who experienced best treatment and highly responsive customer services ever in a dental clinic in California as this, I strongly recommend Dr. Grigoryan and have become their consistent client myself. It is a pleasure to deal with this place.

Yulia Ghazaryan, La Crescenta, CA


I've been visiting Dr. Grigoryan for more than 5 years. He is very thorough in his work and takes time explain to the patient the work being done on them.

Gevork M., Glendale, CA


As always friendly and professional! Staff is great!

Lorraine Guevara, Upland, CA

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