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Invisalign Invisible braces

Invisalign provides an invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces. Invisalign treatment uses clear, custom made medical grade plastic "aligners" to gradually and sequentially move the teeth into the desired position. Compared to traditional metal and wire braces, Invisalign has several advantages. The clear removable aligners allow better oral hygiene, greater comfort (do not cause irritation or painful sores), and minimize lifestyle changes (less restrictions on what to eat or drink). Invisalign is a solution for those adults who could not fulfill their dream of having a picture perfect smile.

Straightening teeth is critical not only to your oral health, but to your overall health as well.

Dr. Grigoryan has been a preferred provider for INVISALIGN  - the invisible braces – for many consecutive years. His experience in this field of cosmetic dentistry embraces a great number of cases with amazing results with this innovative and healthier way of teeth straightening.

Dr. Grigoryan and his team are looking forward to listening to examining your case and providing detailed answers to all your questions about INVISALIGN.


Is Invisalign suitable for all cases?
No. Invisalign works for many, but not all, cases. I can assess your teeth and tell you if it will work for you.


How often do I need to see you?
Once every 2 weeks.


Does Invisalign alter my speech?
Once you are used to invisalign in a day or 2 you will be able to speak normally.


How much does Invisalign cost?
It depends on your case but the range is $3,000 to $5,500.


Will Invisalign make my teeth be sore?
Yes, but for most people it is not severe and last for 2-3 days after each change of aligners.


Do I wear the aligners 24/7?
Yes, but you do take them out to eat and clean.


Is Invisalign suitable for children?
Yes. The only additional condition is that they must have all their permanent teeth.

Is Invisalign really invisible?
From normal conversational distance most people will never notice. Invisalign is ideal for adults who want straight teeth but who do not want everyone to know.

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